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Selling Your Knowledge on the Net
 by: Stephen Freeman

It might seem websites are more of a fashion these days rather than a way to promote your products. Website addresses and email ids are as common as cell phone numbers which you exchange. “It’s a kind of adding more glamour to my visiting card, an image building tool.” This is a kind of opinion that many people have, mainly those making a living out of their specialized skill or talent. She can be a dancer, musician, magician, player, chartered accountant, chef, dentist, barber, hobbyist, gardener … I know you can add a lot many to it.

Well, a website for any of them will surely add to their image, but it can be much more than just that. All you need is the right attitude and enthusiasm.

With a professionally designed website you can reach out to a wider group of people beyond any regional boundary. You can exchange information with people of your interest. You can sell your knowledge or expertise.

How? Lets try to find out.

A few examples will help.

Shira the Belly Dancer

A few days back a friend of mine referred me a site about a belly-dancer Shira. Shira is an Oriental dance (belly dancing) instructor and professional performer from Iowa. Since 1997, she has built & maintained an extensive educational web site at www.shira.net about Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture. Her main idea, with this website for her profession, was to spread this beautiful dance form to millions of people across the world. Now Shira is promoting thru her website her dance classes, her troupe, books on Belly dancing and even selling different items through her site. Today not only is http://www.shira.net a huge database of information about belly dancing, its teachers and performers, it is an inspiration to many such performing artists all over the world. Not to mention Shira is making genuine online income lot more from the leads generated from her site and the online selling.

Barbara the Painter

If you are looking for some genuine extra income beside your main stream of earning, a website can be a good tool. No, that doesn’t always mean selling your knowledge or services or products from your website. And that’s exactly what Barbara Burns, an European painter has done through her website http://www.barbaraburns.com/. Her website is a huge resource for articles, reviews, paintings, blogs and feeds. It has links to different sites related to art and painting. Barbara is carefully promoting her various affiliate programs and link exchanges through this site. The kind of website ranking she is getting, I am sure she is making good easy money out of it.

Michael the Tax Consultant

Website for any professional is a must today. It not only enhances his image, but also generates confidence in the mind of his present and would be clients. This surely is very much conveyed through Michael I. Atlas’ website http://taxca.com. Most people today try to find out maximum information before choosing any kind of service or consultation, and they prefer to do that from the privacy of their computer screen. I am sure Michael’s site will surely convince any such visitor and he must be generating lot of leads through his website. The right way to sell your knowledge.

You can check many such similar success stories here where a professional or an self-employed person or an entrepreneur like you and me has created their own web site successfully.

By now you must have found out how important a website for selling your knowledge is. A professionally done website, with methodical website promotion and site marketing, can bring huge prosperity to your profession.

You have to think about what you would like to do with your website, make it an information resource, your 24x7 promotion tool, sell your skills and services online or generate secondary extra income through it by affiliate, link-exchange and other advertisement programs.

After you have decided upon your goal, you should develop the website. You can hire a professional to do this or try out on your own without any technical or programming knowledge with 'Site Build It'.

Once the site is up and running, with little scratching of your brain you will be able to find out other means of generating traffic and income from it. To learn more about the internet marketing tips to promote your site, Corey Rudl's "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" course can be the best help.

"Turn knowledge into revenue -- sell your brain on the Net."


About The Author

Stephen Freeman

This self proclaimed internet marketer has many ebooks under his belt. Stephen is a senior consultant with many IT companies and online startups. Some of his ideas and guidance can be found at http://www.fastforwardincome.com, your complete resource for internet money making.

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